“Boundaries” by Ica Iova

Ica Iova
Ica Iova, Author

This tense thriller takes place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Gabriela Parson has graduated law school and lands a job with a prestigious law firm headed by the very sexy Landon Godchild. What begins as a flirty romantic story with almost comic overtones quickly turns to a dark and frightening suspense story. While the relationship between Gaby and Landon is sometimes trite, when Jack Richwood comes on the scene things become dangerous. Gaby is alternately sweet and annoying. Her attitude toward Landon is so frustrating I wanted to personally shake her. On the other hand Landon is compelling and it is his character that truly holds the story together. I hesitate to reveal too much since there is a great mystery of sorts in here. Other characters, Gaby’s mother Georgia and Gaby’s friend Bianca appear almost as afterthoughts. This story has a lot of potential and with some subtle cuts it would read more smoothly. In spite of any flaws I recommend it for anyone who likes a good romance and a surprise twist. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Iova. I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.

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