“Chasing Pharaohs” by Claire Stibbe – A Vibrant and Vivid Depiction of Ancient Egypt

Chasing Pharaohs FINAL front cover

Capturing the essence of any historical period is a challenge and Claire Stibbe meets the challenge head on in “Chasing Pharaohs”. Lush and historically accurate, Stibbe’s descriptions of ancient Egypt are spot on. Bringing her characters to life in vivid settings she uses contemporary dialogue to engage readers in the controversy surrounding the succession of Pharaohs in the dynasties. The ongoing subtle battle between Pharaoh Kheper-Re and his sister/wife Hatshupset provide an electric tension with devious assassination attempts. Just as the challenges for the throne take place inside the palace, outside a madman makes his own move toward destroying the Pharaoh and his heirs. In the midst of this drama is Shenq, Commander of Kheper-Re’s elite warriors, working to keep peace within the palace while defending the Pharaoh and his household against old enemies, external and internal. Tau, the chief antagonist, is so repulsive and reprehensible I could almost see him and the picture was revolting. There are several wonderful threads of mystery throughout the book, as well as a beautiful love story. Stibbe even gives a nod to the early Hebrews with the character Harran, a scribe and interpreter of dreams who the Pharaoh often relies on. Stibbe’s vibrant descriptions of the landscape of ancient Egypt, from the royal household to the surrounding countryside, are nothing short of breath taking. There is never a dull moment in this story and the dramatic conclusion had me on the edge of my seat. Maintaining the flavor of the period throughout, Stibbe has crafted a book that any lover of historical fiction, especially ancient Egypt, will delight in reading.

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