“Lucy” A Film by Luc Besson

I wanted to see “Lucy”, directed by Luc Besson, while it was in theaters but it came and went so quickly I didn’t get the chance. Reviews were not that great and I figured I’d probably saved myself a few bucks and a couple of wasted hours. So tonight as my husband and sat down for our Saturday night Chinese take-out we decided to catch a movie “On Demand”. Having just seen Scarlett Johansson in the new “Avengers” film in the theater we decided to give “Lucy” a go.
Luc Besson is no stranger to science fiction since he directed “The Fifth Element”, and he is certainly familiar with action films, most of which I’ve seen and liked. “Lucy” was no disappointment in either of these categories.
I admit to be a tad concerned in the beginning as Lucy (Johansson) and her apparent boyfriend argue about the delivery of an aluminum briefcase. The seemingly pointless back and forth seemed to go on forever until she is forced to acquiesce to his wishes. He handcuffs her to the briefcase and forces her to go into a Taiwanese hotel demanding to see Mr. Jang. From the moment Jang’s gang of thugs arrive in the lobby the pace picks up.
Suddenly Lucy is thrust into the midst of a drug deal that is going south quickly. Coerced into becoming an unwitting accomplice, she finds herself transporting a new and exotic drug in a not so novel but quite unpleasant manner.
When her exposure to the drug causes her to change in amazing and ever evolving ways she desperately seeks a way to make good out of a very bad situation. Contacting the brilliant Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) she arranges a meeting after dazzling him with her growing mental capabilities.
Engaging the assistance of a French policeman Lucy races through Paris in order to acquire more of the drug which she now needs to maintain her changing metabolism.
With enough action and a lot of science Besson weaves a tale of where we come from, where we may be headed, and what makes us human. It’s more of a cerebral film than an action film. This one makes you think about what is and what isn’t important.
I confess I am particularly attracted to the movie because the things that happen to Lucy are tempting to me. The very idea that it would be possible to know everything and understand that knowledge is exciting. Of course there is a downside since all film goers know man cannot be God, even by accident.
I would give “Lucy” 5 out of 5 stars. I liked it a lot. I think Johansson was fabulous. It’s a lot more difficult to act emotionless and brilliant than fiery and forceful. She pulled it off.
If I were to speculate (and I am about to), I would think that Johansson’s cool persona, the lack of sexuality, limited violence and bloodshed, and a very scientific and insightful story line made “Lucy” less than a box office blockbuster. Hopefully one day the viewing audience will grow up enough to value brains over brawn.

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