Goodreads Giveaway – Ends April 15th!

View_From_the_Sixth__Cover_for_Kindle (1)

Three SIGNED copies of this re-edited and re-formatted 4.6 star romantic thriller. A fictional tale that asks what if. Why are strangers suddenly appearing in a sleepy North Carolina town? What do they have to do with widow Olivia Roberts? Why is her neighbor and friend Bill Horton so dead set against her traveling to Dallas, Texas? When she journeys from her North Carolina home to Dallas in search of answers to questions from November 22, 1963 she learns more than she ever expected. “View from the Sixth Floor-an Oswald Tale” is a story of “what-ifs”? What if the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was a conspiracy? What if accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent? What if someone knew the truth and could prove it? What if someone you trusted turned out to be hiding a secret so big it could change history? This is a tale of friendship, love, political intrigue, and murder.
“An excellent read. Is it a love story wrapped around a conspiracy, or a conspiracy wrapped around a love story?”

“The trip is thrilling and suspenseful, as reported above—a masterpiece.”

“I think this book is a great read and would appeal to readers on many levels. Highly recommended”

“The fluid writing, the arresting images, the plot that gripped and held me, and the beautiful love story, made it a feel-good book all the way through to the surprising ending.”

“Stayed up most of the night reading this excellent conspiracy, mystery book that is a real page turner.”

“It gives us a what if scenario that hooked me and I couldn’t put it down. I loved the unusual turn it took in the events and allowed us to think a different, “what if?””

Ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations.

“Sitting in his recliner with the TV chattering in the background I dreamed of George. He and Bill were out on the porch and I could both see and hear them. They were talking about fishing. George’s voice was gravelly, the way it was when he had downed a couple of cold ones. “Billy life isn’t like fishing. It isn’t about the sport; it isn’t about catch and release. When they catch one, especially a big one, they take a picture with it, then they cut it open and clean it out, then they eat it all up and bits and pieces go to all their big friends.” George bent down and picked up a big fish and began wrapping it in newspaper. I could see the headline and it said, “Oswald”; just the name, not another word. Then Billy stood up and he had a fish hook stuck in his shirt and blood was spreading across the front. “I’d better get going George,” he said. And then he was gone. George looked right at me and said, “Fishing can be dangerous Livvy. So don’t you go fishing alone. Take an experienced fisherman with you.”
I started awake. My heart was pounding and it took me a couple of seconds to focus my eyes. The sun had set and the darkness outside pressed against the window. The TV was reflected in the glass and for a moment I thought someone was looking in at me.”

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