“To Mum, Gifts From Your Soul”

To Mum, Gifts from Your Soul: Gifts That Inspire Love and GratitudeTo Mum, Gifts from Your Soul: Gifts That Inspire Love and Gratitude by Lexa Harpell
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As a rule I don’t read what I call “interactive books”. However “To Mum, Gifts From Your Soul” by Lexa Harpell caught my eye. Maybe it’s because my mother passed away in 1996 from complications due to Alzheimer’s. That had been a difficult time for all of us and I wish I would have had this wonderful book then.
As the author related warm memories of her own mother I began to recall special moments with my mother. In the scope of things the memories of love and gratitude may seem insignificant, but to me they captured the essence of what my mother meant to me. Gazing at Ms Harpell’s photos I decided to look for old photos of times shared with my mother, photos of things we shared, photos she had taken of me and my friends, photos of moments forgotten, pressed between the pages of old albums.
Ms Harpell left blank pages in her book where the reader can share memories of her mother and things that formed her special relationship.
By the end of the book I had ventured into my own past experiences. The story Ms. Harpell told caused me to consider my own story. What better gift can an author give to her reader then the gift of introspection? This is a beautiful book illustrated with photos slightly blurred much as memories are. Anyone who has experienced the rare and wonderful gift of being a mother or being a child will treasure this book. Inspiring and touching it is the kind of gift that can be passed down for generations. I plan to get a copy for my daughter. I can’t wait to read her memories of our time together.

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