“Meter of Corruption” by Wolfgang Schimanski

Meter of CorruptionMeter of Corruption by Wolf Schimanski
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Meter of Corruption by Wolfgang Schimanski
Even if you’ve read Wolfgang Schimanski’s first book, Meter of Deception, you won’t be prepared for the action in his latest offering, Meter of Corruption. The book picks up five years after the thrilling adventures of the four friends featured in the first book. Now Jon-Erik and Angel are engaged as are Joey and Tina. Things have seemingly quieted down in Toronto. However things are not destined to remain that way.
Angel and Tina have started a new business venture and are working hard to establish themselves as Productivity Consultants and Jon-Erik has joined Joey in his family’s furniture business. It seems as though events of five years earlier are in the past and the friends have settled down to a normal life.
While the book begins with a new character, Jimmy Rudiger, who is one part of a diabolical corporation that threatens people and steals their money for personal gain. Led by the cold Richard Rasmussin, this group of evil corporate thieves hires, Angel and Tina to streamline their business. That’s where the trouble starts. As the story moves forward additional baddies appear on the scene to intimidate rich and poor alike. But Rasmussin has bigger and more diabolical plans for the four friends and the rest of the world.
Characters from the first book become integral to the story with the reappearance of Joey’s cousin Guido, former Police Detective Rollie Sampson, and Mikhail (the Monster). Rollie is now a Private Detective with his own agency and Mikhail has dedicated himself to protecting Angel who he admires. Fortunately for the group his care for Angel extends to her friends.
The ending is a shocker. Exposing the cruelty the Russian mobs are known for, the story traverses the globe spreading blood and guts as it builds in intensity. For those who love thrillers with plenty of action and enough sex to keep things spicy this is a winner. I can’t wait for the third book in the series.

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