How Much is Too Much? Paris Fashion Week Reveals Little Style

paris fw

Amidst all the tragedy in Paris recently it was amusing to see Fashion Week make a big splash with Rick Owen’s men’s fashion wear show. The hullabaloo wasn’t as much about the fashions as it was about the presentation. Men’s fashion is rarely as exciting or diverse as women’s fashion. Even when the models are stunning attention is usually focused on the designs. The focus on Owen’s show is on something less spectacular; his models appeared in poncho-like garments with strategically placed cutouts. They strutted down the runaway with penises and testicles jiggling for attention.


penis 2

penis 2

In the past, fashion shows featuring women’s fashions have not held back from revealing female models breasts. Designers like Juana Martin, Giambattista Valli, Marc Jacobs, and Alexandre Vauthier have not hesitated to let their fashions show it all. While the attire may have been too extreme for most women to wear at least there was some sense of design and style in the garments. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Owen’s line of menswear.

breast giambattista_valli_

breasts Juana Martin

Marc Jacobs - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014
Owen’s has had some interesting though less extreme designs in the past. While his designs may not translate to every day menswear, that is not unusual in high fashion. However he has never before gone to such extremes. If fashion is a sign of the times this sign may need translation. Perhaps Owen is trying to tell the world to let it all hang out. Maybe the message is reveal the hidden man. Or there may not be a message at all. This may be nothing more than a slightly shocking way to draw attention away from the horrors of the terrorist violence in Paris. Whatever his reason for exposing the less than interesting genitalia of his models, it is not likely anyone will see his lawyer walk into a courtroom attired in a Rick Owen original.



In spite of the shock value of Owen’s designs, another designer featuring a topless model steals the Fashion Week medal. Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck made his statement clearly with a see through plastic top on one of his models. He did follow up with some questionable accessories on his attire that raised eyebrows; eagles carrying butt plugs. This may be a jab at censorship or he may just like the way the butt plug looks dangling from the lapel-less front of a suit jacket. At least that is all that is seen dangling.
Paris Fashion Van Beirendonck

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