The Velvet Marigold Couch: My Private Waltz Into Madness by Tasha Pedersen

From the very first page I was drawn into this deeply moving tale of the writer’s story. Following her as she journeyed along the crooked and bumpy path her life followed was an intense experience. Impactful and insightful, The Velvet Marigold Couch: My Private Waltz Into Madness truly takes you into the shadow world of one who suffers from bipolar psychosis which is compounded by addiction to drugs and alcohol. Seemingly a free spirit Tasha Pedersen is actually a prisoner of her disorder and her desperate need for alcohol. In revealing her own experiences she allows the reader to better understand the complexity of addiction. Tragic and inspiring I found myself encouraging her and finally cheering for her. This is a story of pain and survival. Using twelve step programs she was able to pull herself up and move forward. It is exceptionally well written and easy, if somewhat painful, to follow. As a parent of a recovering addict I can appreciate the difficulties Pedersen faced during her recovery. As my son says, it is always there. Pederson’s resolve and commitment are wonderful examples of how the program works if you work the program. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book.

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