Giveaway Day Three

Congratulations Colleen Lindsey Posey! You have won a copy of “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” on Kindle! Thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoy the book!


Day 3

Holding an early photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald close to his face Mr. Horton stated, “This is a photo of me at the time of the assassination. You can see we are the same person even though I am considerably older. Many of you will think this could have been accomplished with plastic surgery. Before this statement is completed I will provide incontrovertible proof of my identity. But let me continue my story.
oswald in Japan
I was approached by a senior officer while I was stationed in Japan. I was a radar operator working exclusively with the U-2 planes which were top secret at the time. Ask yourself, how does a guy from New Orleans who doesn’t even have a high school diploma end up in a position like that so early in his service? I did not know I was being groomed for much bigger things. Suddenly I was in classes learning Russian. I wondered why Russian and not Japanese. Marines don’t ask questions. I also volunteered for testing of methods to accelerate my learning abilities through the use of experimental drugs. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to do more. I was given duties that required me to remember vast amounts of information. There were Japanese agents who were Communists and worked closely with many of the upper echelon of Communists worldwide. Sometimes these drugs caused me to have blackouts. I reported it but was told that was normal. On the surface I was a radar operator. In reality I was a mole. I did not know I was also an experiment. If I had known would I have declined? I think about that sometimes. I probably would have agreed even if I understood the dangers. I was an American and my country needed me.”

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