The Triangle Murders

The Triangle MurdersThe Triangle Murders by Lynne Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a New Yorker I grew up learning about the horrors of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire so I was immediately attracted to this book. The idea that a crime from so far in the past could be linked to one in the “present” was quite intriguing. It was apparent from the first chapter that Lynne Kennedy had done her research. Her characters both past and present are vibrant and realistic drawing the reader in immediately. Following Lieutenant Frank Mead on his journey back through time as he investigates what turns out to be a very personal crime is a thrilling adventure. As he meets the forces in the current day NYPD who attempt to stand in his way he becomes aware of the difficulties his great grandfather faced as he searched desperately for answers to his personal loss. Intertwined with the investigation is Frank’s own painful past and his growing awareness that many mysteries are wrapped together in a tightly knit ball he must unravel in order to save the people he loves. This book is a wonderful journey from the early 1900’s and the disgraceful conditions ladies garment workers experienced to the current corruption within a large metropolitan police department.

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