Love Marriage and Murder: Domestic Violence Fatality Review Boards by Sara Niles

Not just survivors, but thrivers.





Love, Marriage and Murder, are words that are normally not closely associated in the average mind, although those words become the sad reality of many relationships in which there is serious domestic violence, or violence with the threat of permanent physical harm or death. The patterns that are present in domestic homicides have been used in the past, and are currently still used to provide research data that is useful in the construction of legal protections geared toward preventing future domestic homicides.  In

The most serious consequences stemming from domestic violence against partners and children is the murder of victims, domestic homicide, which, in many cases involve the murder of children as well, often with the abuser committing suicide either by cop, or at their own hand immediately after the murders.

 The National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative

South Carolina had the most domestic homicides, with male…

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