Shattered Lives Radio: Melissa Seigel Discusses Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

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Everyone deserves a healthy relationship. Unfortunately many teens don’t know what that looks like and fall prey to violence because it may be all they know, or don’t know, about. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and brings programs and presentations to teens across the country with the hope that educating them about what to expect in a healthy relationship will stop the cycle of violence that’s being accepted as normal.

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Charlotte, North Carolina is offering many first rate events coordinated by Melissa Siegel, the current Chair of the national youth advisory board for Love is Respect.  As an Information and Education Coordinator for Mecklenburg County Community Support Services Women’s Commission, Melissa is planning prevention and outreach efforts for teen dating violence and child witnessing of domestic violence.

Along with Melissa Siegel listeners will meet Juliana Lozano, a survivor of dating violence currently in…

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