Covid-19 “ReadYour Way Outside”

While you are staying home and practicing self-isolation you may be looking for something to do besides binge-watching Netflix and Hulu. If you’re a reader and own a Kindle here’s a suggestion. I’m offering one of my books FREE weekly on Amazon Kindle during the Covid-19 crisis. April 20th – April 24th “Stolen Gypsy” April 27th – May 1st “Burned Toast” May 4th – May … Continue reading Covid-19 “ReadYour Way Outside”

“In the Shadow of the Glacier” by Vicki Delany

I was drawn to this series because the constable in the books is a woman. I found the idea of a female constable in British Columbia interesting and I wondered if author Vicki Delany would make her a tough woman and a nice girl determined to make it in a “man’s world”. Let me immediately set your mind at ease. Constable Molly (“Moonlight”) Smith is … Continue reading “In the Shadow of the Glacier” by Vicki Delany