1000 Word Challenge “Beach Tale” by Dupewrites

BEACH TALE April 14, A slight tilt left, a slight tilt right, a rustle of jiggles; bright colours on an ebony curve. He watched her walk around the beach; he watched her every Saturday. She reminded him of gods and goddesses, of ancient times and hallowed places. She awoke primordial urges. She was bad for him. But she was irresistible; and he was tired of … Continue reading 1000 Word Challenge “Beach Tale” by Dupewrites

The Thousand Word Challenge

I just threw together a short, short story for a 100-word challenge. That started me thinking about all the wonderful Indie-Writers I know. I’ve read books by many of them. Because I enjoy reading and writing short stories I thought it would be fun to challenge my creative buddies to put pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keyboard) and spin out a yarn … Continue reading The Thousand Word Challenge