“Maze Master” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

 Maze Master by Kathleen O’Neal Gear fulfills my requirements for a great read. Brilliantly linking the past with a possible future, she lays the groundwork for a thrilling and terrifying apocalyptic journey. At first, I was slightly daunted by the scientific and mathematical references in the story. But, Gear skillfully provides plenty of clarification for even the most intimidated reader. Gradually linking what at first … Continue reading “Maze Master” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear

“Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders

I was attracted to this book by two things; the stringed musical instrument on the cover and the fact that the main character, Simon, comes from suburban New York. Coming from New York myself I was curious to learn about Simon’s adventures.  Simon doesn’t spend a lot of time in New York; very quickly he is whisked away to a fantasy world. What a fantasy … Continue reading “Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders

Man’s Hubris – The Drive to Be God in Fiction

I had an interesting conversation with my husband today. We were watching “Jurassic Park” and he commented he had never been interested in dinosaurs. I admitted dinosaurs had never been high on my list of fascinating subjects either. That started me thinking about why I enjoyed the “Jurassic Park” books and movies. It hit me then, rather like having slammed the book over the top … Continue reading Man’s Hubris – The Drive to Be God in Fiction

One Small Planet

In 1947 Darryl Zanuck produced a controversial movie called “Gentlemen’s Agreement” about anti-Semitism in the United States. I remember watching it on television on something like Million Dollar Movie or The Late Show. I don’t think I fully understood it. I grew up in New York City where everyone was the same. We might have gone to different houses of worship and some of us … Continue reading One Small Planet