“The Resistance: View From Provence”

In my book “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” I speculated what might have happened if Lee Harvey Oswald had survived his assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 24th, 1963. Would the accused assassin have been able to prove his innocence or would his guilt be incontrovertibly proved? In this short story, (which may become the beginning of a new book), I wonder … Continue reading “The Resistance: View From Provence”

1000 Word Challenge – SECURING THE RED BUTTON

SECURING THE RED BUTTONMike Elphick In 2017, the US had a newly elected President— a Tea Party President. Rick Walker had been Governor of one of the Red states. To achieve smaller government (except for defense spending) he wanted to eliminate six segments of the Federal Government, including Environmental Protection. Most of the country set record temperature lows on Election Day 2016. In the minds … Continue reading 1000 Word Challenge – SECURING THE RED BUTTON