“The Silent Patient” By Alex Michaelides

Once I began reading this book, I was trapped in Alex Michaelides psychological thriller, “The Silent Patient”. It is beyond engrossing, it’s tantalizing.           Alicia Berenson is a happily married artist making a name in the highly competitive art field and her husband, Gabriel, is a prominent fashion photographer. On the surface, everything seems perfect, until Alicia murders Gabriel. Not only does she shoot him, … Continue reading “The Silent Patient” By Alex Michaelides

The Chill of Night: A McCabe and Savage Thriller (McCabe and Savage Thrillers Book 2 By James Hayman

Once again James Hayman hooked me with the second book in the McCabe and Savage Thrillers series. Hayman’s ability to follow police procedures while developing characters that are so vibrant they seem to be friends, neighbors, and sometimes, people you want to avoid. The Chill of Night: A McCabe and Savage Thriller takes place in Portland, Maine during a bitterly cold winter around the Christmas … Continue reading The Chill of Night: A McCabe and Savage Thriller (McCabe and Savage Thrillers Book 2 By James Hayman

“Down by The River: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen J. Mossman

  Sometimes good things come in small packages. This is true of Karen J. Mossman’s thriller Down by The River: An Electric Eclectic Book. From the first paragraph when Shelby steps off the bus, the feeling of impending doom is palpable. She has returned to the small North Louisiana town where she had grown up to reconnect with her childhood friend Mary-Jo.   It is … Continue reading “Down by The River: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen J. Mossman

“Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli

  “Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli is an intriguing mystery/thriller set in the American Southwest. Super FBI agent Jack Del Rio is called upon to investigate bizarre murders in New Mexico. The President of the Navajo Nation contacts an old friend who is high ranking in the FBI for help in finding the killer of three members of the tribal council. The crimes occurred in the area … Continue reading “Reservations” by Richard Paolinelli

“Your Last Breath” by Carole Parkes and Doug Lafuze

    I was attracted to this book because the blurb said it’s about an author who takes extreme steps to write the perfect suspenseful thriller. Battling writer’s block he finds the only way he can overcome those blank moments in front of his computer is by actually committing murder. This fascinating premise is played out in England and the authors describe their settings well … Continue reading “Your Last Breath” by Carole Parkes and Doug Lafuze

“Footsteps” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

The sound came from upstairs; at least I thought it did. It was hard to tell with the dryer thumping and the washer filling with water.  I moved to the foot of the wooden steps that led up to the main level of the house and cocked my head to one side. Holding my breath I listened closely. It sounded as though the floorboards were … Continue reading “Footsteps” by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Goodreads Book Giveaway!!

A psychological romantic thriller with more twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster. Did an innocent young man serve time for a crime he didn’t commit? Is the new girl putting her life on the line by trusting him? Accidents are happening in Riddle? How many will die before the truth is revealed? Three signed copies will be given away. Opens for entries … Continue reading Goodreads Book Giveaway!!

Coming Soon!! “Riddle”

Only a few weeks more until my new book, “Riddle” will be released on Amazon and Createspace. This is nothing like my first book, “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”. While it also deals with a social issue, the primary characters are much younger and have different life experiences. Kort Eriksen is a young man born in the Yukon and illegally adopted by … Continue reading Coming Soon!! “Riddle”