Huddled Masses

For some time I have dedicated my blog to book reviews. I have stayed away from “political” issues. There may be people who view this blog as political. What I am addressing are the issues of humanity and injustice. In 1620 Pilgrims from England landed in what has become the United States of America seeking religious freedom. The key word there is “freedom”. The freedom … Continue reading Huddled Masses

Jessica Wren- An Interview with the Author of “Ice”

Jessica Wren: Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to give a more detailed of explanation of Ice. It’s my first novel, and I’m learning  What is the title of your latest book? Ice is currently my only published novel. I am working on a novel called Earth right now, which will also be a paranormal crime thriller and the first … Continue reading Jessica Wren- An Interview with the Author of “Ice”

Book Review: “Ice” by Jessica Wren

Originally posted on Where the buck stops:
Book Review of “Ice” by Jessica Wren “Ice” is a book that satisfies on many levels. The story, as a whole, is extremely evocative, creating a strong “small town” feeling like a vintage Ray Bradbury story. The small town atmosphere reminds me of the Americana iconic play “Our town”. Wren is skillful in her development of a small… Continue reading Book Review: “Ice” by Jessica Wren