As I Get Older: My MS Story

Having hit something of a block while finishing up my latest book, I found myself visiting my past. I have had quite an interesting life. In my very early years (those delightfully dark days of teenage-dom) I didn’t anticipate living past twenty-five. That may sound morbid but I was a rather gloomy teen. There were times during my first violent marriage when I thought I … Continue reading As I Get Older: My MS Story

Monuments to the Dead – Part One

Sitting in the hospital waiting area and listening to the rain hit the huge window and streak lazily down the glass I recalled my mother always saying rainy days were bad luck. At least I think that’s what she said. Or was it rainy days were bad for weddings? I supposed it didn’t matter. I didn’t believe in superstitions and certainly not those spoken by … Continue reading Monuments to the Dead – Part One