“A New Summer Garden: An Electric Eclectic Book” by Paul White


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Once again author Paul White has tantalized me with a sultry thriller laid out so craftily I didn’t see the turns coming. His latest Electric Eclectic Novelette, A New Summer Garden, delves into the twisted minds of his characters, exposing the dark underbelly of greed and deception hidden by beauty and wealth.

In the beginning, we meet Sam, a seemingly not very bright laborer, contemplating the possibility his actions could result in his imprisonment or death. Sam’s self-examination is a tasty introduction to a man who is a lot smarter than he appears at first glance. Sam is not a people person and he admits it freely. But even a man who isn’t relationship minded will respond to the advances of a beautiful woman.

Rachelle and her husband Peter are the owners of the garden where Sam has been toiling in the heat all day. With her husband, Peter, supposedly out of town, Rachelle sets to seducing the willing gardener. When Peter returns home unexpectedly he finds Rachelle entertaining Sam in bed.Of course Peter is not the epitome of fidelity in the marriage. Determined to teach Sam a lesson and put him in his place, Peter uses his criminal contacts to set Sam up. What follows is a tale of spoiled, rich people who think nothing of manipulating others. Sam is the perfect chess piece in their game of revenge.

As the story unfolds the plot takes unexpected turns, winding through the machinations of the characters, each bent on their own desires being fulfilled. The story concludes with a delightful denouement showing Sam is not as dumb as he thinks he is.

White has a knack for drawing the reader into the world he creates, teasing with the promise of surprises to come. This book is short enough to be read in one sitting and enjoyable enough to read more than once.

I highly recommend A NEW SUMMER GARDEN to anyone who enjoys a well-written suspense story. Electric Eclectic has another winner to their fine collection of novelettes.


Sam was a down and almost out, with little prospect for the future, when he meets Rachelle, the beautiful wife of the philanderous Peter, the kingpin of an international criminal business empire.

When Peter catches Sam ‘in flagrante’ with Rachelle, he ensures Sam’s simple life becomes complicated.

What happens next takes Sam on a surreal path, where the only plausible outcome is for Sam to end up in prison or dead… most probably both.

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