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Why Stay? Why Leave? Why Abuse?

Originally posted on Between the Beats:
I have listened to the questions and read the responses to the domestic abuse questions; why do the abused stay and why do they finally leave. While I admit it started me remembering my personal experiences it also got me thinking about why I was being abused. Once again, as I had many years ago, I questioned whether I… Continue reading Why Stay? Why Leave? Why Abuse?


“Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders

I was attracted to this book by two things; the stringed musical instrument on the cover and the fact that the main character, Simon, comes from suburban New York. Coming from New York myself I was curious to learn about Simon’s adventures.  Simon doesn’t spend a lot of time in New York; very quickly he is whisked away to a fantasy world. What a fantasy … Continue reading “Song of Simon” by C.A. Sanders


Rachael McIntosh

Author Name:  Rachael L. McIntosh Book Titles: Security Through Absurdity Book One: Little Yellow Stickies  Book Two: Bubbles Will Pop  Book Three: The Big Show Genre and Sub-Genre: Contemporary Literature  /  Fiction Political / YA>Fiction>US History>21st century AUDIENCE : GenX, Young Adult, Conspiracy Curious KEY SELLING POINTS Based on a true story Details of pre- 9/11 defense contracting, the US Housing Collapse, and the 2012 Republican … Continue reading Rachael McIntosh


Oh! Those Scary Movies from My Childhood

Oh! Those Scary Movies! It’s difficult to choose movies based on scare level. There are so many different ways to be scared and things to be scared by. Some people are scared of ghosts; others find vampires or zombies terrifying. There are people who are far more frightened by the living than the dead. I’m going to spend the next few weeks writing about the … Continue reading Oh! Those Scary Movies from My Childhood


History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I am a domestic violence survivor and thriver. I lived in an abusive marriage for ten years. During that time I had three children and one miscarriage. I was daily insulted, debased, physically and mentally abused, emotionally torn, and debilitated to the point of contemplating suicide rather than continue. That was over thirty years ago. I have since remarried, earned college degrees, worked in social … Continue reading History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month


“The Gangster’s Son: A Shig Sato Mystery” by Joseph Mark Brewer

The Gangster’s Son My rating:5 of 5 stars With his first novel, Joseph Mark Brewer has created a fascinating character in Shig Sato. Set in 1991 Japan this is not just another murder mystery or detective story. With subtle and not so subtle hints at the political climate of the time, Japan’s gangster culture and the yakuza, and the antipathy for the American military presence … Continue reading “The Gangster’s Son: A Shig Sato Mystery” by Joseph Mark Brewer


Jason Greensides

Author Jason Greensides Buy Now Book Title: The Distant Sound of Violence Genre and Sub-Genre: Literary/Contemporary/Coming-of-age/Mystery Book Content Rating: Adult (18+) Based on language, violence, sexual content.   Author Bio  Jason Greensides has a degree in Video Production and Film Studies and has made several short films, two of which have been broadcast on television – but writing fiction is his real passion. He’s interested in … Continue reading Jason Greensides

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Boo! The Blood Moon’s Going to Get You

Tonight I got a peek at The Blood Moon. It sounds oh so scary. In reality it is simply a lunar eclipse where the earth casts it shadow on the full moon. Of course it is not difficult to imagine the terror of generations past. As with any natural phenomena that steps outside of the norm, a lunar eclipse may be viewed as a message … Continue reading Boo! The Blood Moon’s Going to Get You


Indie Horror Writers for a Scary Fall Read

“Be silent in that solitude, Which is not loneliness—for then The spirits of the dead, who stood In life before thee, are again In death around thee, and their will Shall overshadow thee; be still.” From “Spirits of the Dead” by Edgar Allan Poe My father gave me his “Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe” when I was about seven years old. I had long ago relinquished … Continue reading Indie Horror Writers for a Scary Fall Read

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It’s Autumn! Fall In for Scary Reads

It’s the first day of fall, the Autumn Equinox. For some reason fall has always struck me as a spooky time of year. It is my favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors before they fall, littering the ground with a carpet of crunch and leaving bare tree limbs stretching like long bony fingers into the sky trying to catch dull gray clouds. Fall … Continue reading It’s Autumn! Fall In for Scary Reads